Frequently Asked Questions 


Is it Rugby Union or Rugby League?

Major League Rugby is an American professional rugby union competition 


Are all seats in the stadium covered or under the roof?

Only the north side (Except sections 101 and 107) of the stadium has the roof. South Stand of the Starfire Stadium does not have a roof or an overhead shed.


Are all seats chairback?

Only sections 103, 104, 105 in the north side have chairback seating. Rest of the seats in the stadium are bleachers without back.


Are kids and teens allowed in sections other than family sections?

There is no restriction of any kind that prevents a patron from choosing the desired seat in any section for any game, if available.


Is beer allowed in family section?

There is no restriction of any kind that prevents a patron from bringing beer into his/her seat(s) or section. However, alcoholic beverage bought from outside the Starfire stadium are not allowed.


Is there a storage facility to keep the bags?

No. There is no storage facility in the stadium or within the complex. Please email for any further clarification.


What are the age distinctions for kids, youth, and adults?

Kids = Age 2 and younger          Youth = 2-18 years old           Adults = 18 and older.


Can I exchange/cancel my purchase?

Please email or call on 206-483-7735 for further info.


Merchandise Return/Exchange?

Please click here for more info on returns and exchanges process.


I am interested in playing/trying out for Seattle Seawolves Rugby. Who do I contact?

Please email your resume and video links to and