Ben Cima

Ben Cima

Ben Cima


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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ben, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, moved to Washington D.C. where he kicked off his rugby career. Playing for Gonzaga, Cima quickly gained National Team attention at the high school level –selected to the USA High School All-Americans in 2012 and represented them until 2014. During Ben’s time at University of Maryland, where Ben is wrapping up his final year of school, he has dawned both Men’s Junior All-Americans and senior National Team jerseys for the United States. One of his biggest career moments to date was nailing a penalty goal from the 50-meter line in the final minute of the 2016 Junior World Rugby Trophy qualifying match versus North American rival Canada. Ben joins the Seawolves with 10 caps for the US under his belt. With a strong boot and instinctive decision making, the Cima looks to thrive in within the Seawolves veteran backline.