2021 Seattle Seawolves Know Before You Go

2021 Seattle Seawolves Know Before You Go

Vaccinated Only Sections

Seawolves will sell certain sections throughout Fortress Starfire at full capacity with everyone fully vaccinated. Fans who sit in fully vaccinated sections will not be required to wear a mask while cheering from their seat.

Who Can Sit in Vaccinated Only Sections?

  • Anyone fully vaccinated can sit in the section without a mask (ages 12+)
  • Ages 5-15 who are not fully vaccinated yet show proof of a negative test can sit in the section 
  • Ages 2-5 do not need to show proof of a negative test but must wear a mask

Fully Vaccinated Eligibility and Requirements

  • Anyone 15 and older must have received their final dose of vaccine two-weeks prior to the match you are attending in a fully vaccinated section.
  • Documentation of vaccination status must be presented at entry and available upon request at any time.
    • Acceptable proof of vaccination: Vaccination card, a photo of a vaccination card, or documentation of vaccination from a healthcare provider

Fully Vaccinated Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will tickets be on sale?
A. Tickets for June home matches will be available for Season Ticket Members on Saturday, May 22. Season Ticket Members will have priority to use their account credit towards seats before they go on sale to the general public. Tickets may be available to the general public starting Monday, May 24.
2. Do I have to wear a mask in a vaccinated only section?
A. Fans will not be required to wear a mask if fully vaccinated. Fans must be able to provide proof of vaccination at any time. Masks are required if sitting in physically distanced seats.
3. What if I forget my proof of vaccination?
A. You must provide proof of vaccination to enter Starfire Stadium with a vaccinated only section ticket. If you forget your proof of vaccination, you will not be allowed entry and no refunds will be provided.
4. Will there be physical distancing in vaccinated only sections?
A. Vaccinated only sections will be sold to full capacity. Fans seated in these sections will be seated directly next to other groups.
5. Is all of Starfire Stadium fully vaccinated sections?
A. No, Starfire Stadium will still have physically distanced sections sold in tickets pods of 1-6 with at least six feet of distance between each pod.
6. Do fully vaccinated fans have to enter through a certain gate?
A. Fully vaccinated fans can enter through either gate at Starfire Stadium. Gate 2 will also have a physically distanced lane for fans sitting in physically distanced sections.
2021 Seawolves Matchday Frequently Asked Questions
1. Will all matches go on-sale at one time?
A. Matches are being released one month at a time. The June on-sale will begin Saturday, May 22 for Season Ticket Members. Tickets will be available to the general public on Monday, May 24.
2. How will tickets be sold?
A. Tickets will sold in physically distanced ticket pod sections and fully vaccinated sections. Physically distanced sections will be sold in ticket pods of 1-6 and have 6 ft of physical distance between pods. Fully vaccinated sections will be sold at full capacity.
3. What is the priority to purchase tickets?
A. Season Ticket Members will have priority to use their account credit toward seats before they go on sale to the general public. The Season Ticket Member priority selection window will be 24 hours.
4. How many tickets can Season Ticket Members purchase?
A. There is no limit to the number of tickets available for Season Ticket Members.
5. What happens if I don’t use my entire Season Ticket credit prior to the end of the season?
A. At the end of the 2021 season you will have the option to rollover any unused credit to the 2022 season or request a refund.
6. How will I receive my tickets?
A. All tickets will be digital in 2021 using the AXS Mobile App on your Apple or Android device. This will allow for a contactless entry into Starfire Stadium to stay compliant with stadium health and safety protocols.
7. Can I resell of transfer my tickets?
A. Yes, the transferring and resale of tickets is permitted. All tickets in a physically distanced pod must be sold or transferred as a single unit. The fan receiving the tickets will be required to create an AXS account.
8. Are face masks required?
A. Face masks are not required for fully vaccinated fans. Fans sitting in physically distanced sections must still wear a mask.
9. Do I have to enter a certain gate?
A. Fans sitting in fully vaccinated sections may enter either Gate 1 or Gate 2. Fans sitting in physically distanced sections must enter through the physically distanced line at Gate 2.
10. Will parking, concessions and beverage sales be cashless?
A. Yes, new this year, Starfire Stadium will accept credit card payments only for parking, food and beverage purchases. Please wear your mask while engaging with all Starfire attendants.
11. Will the Seawolves merchandise stand be open?
A. The Seawolves merchandise stand will be open. You can pre-order merchandise from www.SeattleSeawolves.com and schedule pick up on match days.
12. Can I bring a bag into Starfire Stadium?
A. You may bring a clear back into Starfire Stadium. Event security will do a visual inspection of your clear bag upon entry. Clear bags may be ordered online or by visiting the Seawolves merchandise tent.