Stadium Guide / FAQs

Starfire Sports is a sporting facility in Tukwila, Washington, on the banks of the Green River, near Seattle. It is operated by the non-profit corporation Starfire Sports and is home to Seattle Seawolves Rugby team.

Location: 14800 Starfire Way, Tukwila, WA 98188 (map)

Phone - (206) 431 3232

Email -

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Gate Information

General Gates for all matches will open 90 minutes before kickoff.  Email for more details.


Please be aware that paid parking is in effect most weekends and some weekdays throughout the year.

Starfire Parking prices:

$5-daily pass. Cash only


$ 10-weekend pass. Cash only


Tailgating is not allowed  

Click here for detailed Starfire Parking Policy.

Public transportation

King County: Metro Route 150 stops at Fort Dent Way and Interurban Ave. S right in front of Starfire Sports. Check out the entire route for your best option of where to catch the bus. Runs every 13 minutes on weekdays. Runs every half hour on Saturdays and Sundays.

Plan your trip here.


Bike & Walk Trail:  The Green River Trail follows the Green River through industrial areas and office parks, then arrives at Fort Dent, where it joins up with the Interurban Trail. The trail is perfect for walking, biking, and commuters.

Click Here for more info and map.

Food & Beverage Policy

Fans may bring food into Starfire Sports on match days in clear plastic bags only, but no beverages will be allowed. No glass bottles, cans or outside beverages are permitted in Starfire Sports and for Seawolves matches. Non-metal water bottles are allowed, however. The water bottle must be full and factory-sealed. It cannot be a container from home, and it must be filled with water (non-enhanced, flavored or carbonated).

Exceptions are made for empty personal plastic sports bottles (non-metallic), baby bottles, health-related materials and unopened, soft-sided, single serve containers (such as small milk cartons, juice boxes, etc.). Coolers and backpacks are also prohibited for Seawolves match days.

Restaurant, coffee shop, concession stands and food trucks can be found in and around the Starfire stadium and Starfire Complex.

Click here for detailed info on Restaurants at Starfire Complex.

Alcohol Policy

Starfire Sports and Seattle Seawolves work hard to promote responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. The alcohol policies are listed below:

Beer sales will terminate at the 55th game clock minute of the match

Vertical and Temporary paper ID cards will not be accepted for alcohol purchases

All Guests purchasing alcohol must present a valid ID, regardless of what age they appear

No alcohol will be sold to Guests who appear intoxicated

Management reserves the right to cut off alcohol sales at its discretion

Guests passing alcohol to minors will be ejected and subject to arrest

Guests possessing alcohol, who do not have proof of being at least 21 years of age, may be ejected

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to any Guest

All alcohol must be consumed inside the stadium and can’t be consumed on any other parts of the complex

Alcoholic beverages may not be brought onto the grounds. Any attempt to bring alcohol into the stadium will be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct and may result in the Guest being ejected, arrested, or tickets being revoked.

Restrooms' Location

Restrooms are located next to the entry point at the northwest side of the stadium (next to section 101)

Portable restrooms located next to entry point at the southwest side of the stadium (next to section 207)

No Smoking   

In compliance with state law (RCW 70.160), smoking is prohibited in all areas of Starfire Sports. Tobacco use of any kind is prohibited inside the stadium seating area including e-cigs.

Re-Entry Policy

Reentry is allowed during the duration of all Seawolves matches held at Starfire Sports. To be granted reentry, you must receive a hand stamp or have your ticket scanned by the gate ushers.

Will Call & Customer Service

The will call, ticket sales and service tables are located outside the stadium entry gates and are open two hours prior to kickoff. A photo ID is required for all ticket pick-ups and reprints.

Prohibited Items

The main goal of Starfire Sports and Seattle Seawolves is to take reasonable steps to protect the safety and security of Starfire Stadium guests, employees, and other assets with respect towards everyone’s dignity and legal rights. 

Starfire Sports and all Seattle Seawolves sanctioned events do not allow the following items:

Animals (Service animals ok)

Sunflower seeds


Beach Balls/Frisbee

Glass Bottles & Cans

Coolers/Ice Chests

Drugs/Illegal Substances

Fireworks/Flares/Smoke Bombs

Flammable Liquids


Laser Pens/Pointers

Pepper Spray



Any items deemed by management to be inappropriate that may disrupt other fan’s enjoyment of the game)

* Items may not be constructed or displayed in a manner that may obstruct the view of other guests or in any way create a safety hazard for others as determined by stadium management staff.

* All guests must maintain reasonable and appropriate behavior at all times. Guests using offensive language or engaging in disorderly conduct may be ejected from the stadium and may be subject to arrest.

* While horns and drums are not prohibited, we ask that guests be courteous to nearby guests. Inappropriate or disrespectful use of these noisemakers will result in forfeiture of the item.

Is it Rugby Union or Rugby League?

Major League Rugby is an American professional rugby union competition.

Are all seats in the stadium covered or under the roof?

Only the north side (except sections 101 and 107) of the stadium has the roof. South Stands of the Starfire Stadium do not have a roof or an overhead shed.

Are all the seats chairback?

Only sections 103, 104, 105 in the north side have chairback seating. Rest of the seats in the stadium are bleachers without back.

Are kids and teens allowed in sections other than family sections?

There is no restriction of any kind that prevents a patron from choosing the desired seat in any section for any game, if available.

Is beer allowed in family section?

There is no restriction of any kind that prevents a patron from bringing beer into his/her seat(s) or section. However, alcoholic beverage bought from outside the Starfire stadium are not allowed.

Is there a storage facility to keep the bags?

No. There is no storage facility in the stadium or within the complex. Please email for any further clarification.

What are the age distinctions for a child and youth?

Child = Age 2 and younger             

Youth = 2-12 years old                          

Can I exchange/cancel my purchase?

Please email or call on 206-219-1427 for further info.

Merchandise Return/Exchange?

Please click here for more info on returns and exchange process.

International Orders?

We do ship our products and merchandise across the world. However, some countries may charge duty and taxes which has to be borne by the customer. Please consult you country's customs office regarding more info.

I am interested in playing/trying out for Seattle Seawolves Rugby. Who do I contact?

Please email your resume and video links to